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About Slim Pickens Quality Meats

Slim Pickens Quality Meats is a company based off of one idea, customer satisfaction!

With over 35 years of experience in the whole sale side of the beef business, the Anderson Family founded Slim Pickens Quality Meats and www.spmeat.com in March of 2009.  The goal in mind; creating a company that could satisfy every customers taste buds and their pocket book.

Taking the most pride possible in our product we buy only the best naturally raised, all natural, corn belt cattle on the market. Ensuring the freshest products possible, we cut ever steak to order. After placing your order we hand select and hand cut your steak just the way you want it. There will never be an overstock or freezer special sale. Cutting your steak to order also means we can fulfill any special cut or size of steak you may request.

At Slim Pickens Quality Meats we are one of the few meat processing plants with our own in-house laboratory.  We do this for our customer's protection. Testing all of our meat daily for e-coli 0157, you will never have to worry about a recall from Slim Pickens. Product never ships until its been tested and approved safe.

So please let your taste buds run wild and sink your teeth into quality like you have never tasted before.
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