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Some GREAT reasons to purchase from Slim Pickens Meats

Corn Belt Cattle

The best beef in the world comes from right here in America’s Corn Belt. We buy our meat from the Corn Belt states, including Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Colorado. This insures the freshest, tenderest and well-marbled beef available.

Natural Aging

All our beef is naturally aged in an atmospherically controlled cooler for at least 21 days. This dry aging brings out the distinctive beef flavors that makes "Slim Pickens" the connoisseur’s first choice in beef.

No Additives

The U.S. Department of Agriculture does not allow additives in fresh beef, and neither do we. Once beef is processed, any additives such as MSG, sodium erythorbate or salt must be listed. These are words you’ll never find on our label.

Cut to Order

All our steaks and other products are fresh cut to order and hand-trimmed to perfection. We never sell from overstock, which means you will never receive anything that has been in the freezer for months.

In-house Testing Laboratory

We are one of the few meat-processing plants with our own in-house laboratory. For our customers’ protection, we test our meat daily for e-coli 0157. There is never a product recall with Slim Pickens Quality Meats because it doesn’t ship if it isn’t safe.
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